Communicating on the Internet has become something essential nowadays, but is it still possible to do it without having to pay and above all, above all, on the major medium of search, is it possible to place a free ad on Google? Yes, not just anywhere, because if there is one medium on the web where all economic […]

How to optimize the AdWords / Google ads campaign?

How to optimize the AdWords / Google ads campaign? Optimizing Google ads campaigns requires time and know-how. Once your campaigns and ad groups have been created, all you have to do is optimize them. This article will show you all the optimizations necessary to make your campaigns profitable and at a lower cost.  1. Keyword exclusion […]

How to create a Google ads campaign in 2021?

How to create an AdWords campaign, find the completely free AdWords guide to understanding the most efficient online advertising system to acquire customers and boost traffic. In this part, you will follow all the steps to create an Adwords campaigns on the Google ads tool. Understand how Google ads works Are you a professional or […]

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